Project Manager Cyprus

Christos Kypri

Christos Kypris has a BA Degree in Spanish and English Lit from the University of Texas in San Antonio, and an MA Degree in Educational Technology from the University of Nicosia.

He’s been collaborating with the Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture since 2014; during his career, he has also collaborated with Coursera, the Red Cross, and the Cyprus Youth Board. Furthermore, he has contributed to the development of Rosetta Stone’s language acquisition software for Spanish. In 2016, he received a grant from the US Embassy that allowed him to purchase computers and setup a computer and language learning center at the Reception Center for Applicants for International Asylum in Kofinou, Larnaca. During his time running the center, he was given the chance to manage various independent volunteers who contacted him and others who were referred to him by the Fulbright Center in Cyprus. He joined Project Phoenix as the Cyprus Project Manager in 2018.


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