Lama Sawas is a Syrian woman currently living in Nicosia, Cyprus. Her long journey away from Syria, along with her plans to complete her BA degree in Biotechnology Engineering brought her to Cyprus in 2015. She was able to complete a BA in Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2017 and  in 2018 she participated in FameLab, a science communication competition organized by the British Council. Despite living at a refugee accommodation center at the time, she managed to advance to the competition’s finals and ended up finishing second.

Apart from having received a financial prize for her second place in the competition, Lama’s most important gain was the opportunity to learn from one of the professors who was brought to Cyprus by the British Council to train the finalists in Science Communication. Lama was extremely inspired by her as she was a living proof that it was possible for a person to make a living through communicating science and making it more accessible to the general public.Since then, the idea of having a science-related YouTube channel became Lama’s professional goal; for her, science is not nearly as boring, nor as scary people make it out to be, it is much cooler than that.

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