ALLMEP Event Jerusalem

Project Phoenix attended a conference in Jerusalem organized by The Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP), an umbrella organisation comprising of over 100 organisations.

It was fantastic to see Israeli and Palestinian grassroots organisations sitting together with diplomats and international initiatives to think about how to reject and change the agenda politicians have set for them, with a heavy focus on youth leadership and engagement, both within and between communities. Furthermore, it was a pleasure to listen to and meet HE Deborah Lyons, Canadian ambassador to Israel about her vision for a stronger and more inclusive peace process.

Events like these emphasize once again the importance of addressing issues of migration at their origin, not only in the receiving countries. Governments and the international community must do more to facilitate solutions to prevent people from becoming refugees or feeling the need to leave their countries. Even if there is no short-term solution, at least refugees and migrants should be given the opportunity to find a temporary home in their own region, thus avoiding costly and dangerous journeys and making an eventual return to their home countries easier if they would so desire.

We thank ALLMEP for inviting us this inspiring event! You can find more information about them here:
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