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Project Phoenix

Empowering refugee-entrepreneurs through community-generated loans.


The Phoenix Project involves supporting refugees in European cities through providing  community-generated seed loans to support entrepreneurial and self-sustaining initiatives. We want to achieve three things:

- Financially support refugee entrepreneurs in their project;

- Accelerate their integration into their new environment and allow them to demonstrate they can be valuable contributing members of society; and

- Involve the wider community by allowing them to invest into their projects rather than ask for charity.

To do this, we use an incubator approach in which we work physically closely together with the beneficiaries and with existing local startup incubators, social services, legal support and local government to provide financial support as well as wrap-around assistance and support that is required to launch and follow-through on a successful new project. Loans are provided through community-generated funding, where every supporter who invests in the beneficiary's project can expect to get a return of their investment within a specified period of time.



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Barcelona / Berlin 


Our Team

Michael is the co-founder of The Phoenix Project. He moved to Barcelona in August 2016 and wanted to start a business that has a real impact on society.

"I always wanted to show that it is possible to run a sustainable business that has a positive impact. Helping those excluded by our society can be best achieved by providing them with meaningful employment and demonstrating that they are valuable members of society".



Jen is the co-founder of Project Phoenix. She has lived in Hungary, Russia, the Czech Republic and now Germany. She is originally from the US and has a background in NGO development, philanthropic advising and organisational learning.

"I have spent a great part of my life living in other countries, and grew up in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic home. At times I feel like a professional immigrant! The challenges of being a newcomer are not new to me, and I want to help offer solutions for those who have had to leave their homes not by choice, but by tragedy, and now wish to build new lives in their newly adopted country. I hope that Project Phoenix can help erase borders and elevate people - economically and socially - and that this, in turn, leads to less pain, greater joy and a broader sense of global community."