About Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix empowers refugees and migrants in Europe through providing access to financing for entrepreneurial, small business and self-sustaining initiatives. We do this through:

  • Identifying promising, sustainable business projects initiated and run by refugees.
  • Supporting entrepreneurs in their project through financial investment, business mentoring and showcasing their work to the greater community.
  • Accelerating integration of refugees and migrants into their new environment and allowing them to demonstrate their value as contributing members of society.
  • Assisting with re-qualification of professionals.

Using an incubator approach, we work closely with Project Phoenix stakeholders and existing local startup incubators, social services, legal support and local government to provide financial support and wrap-around assistance required to launch and follow-through on a successful new project. This allows us to involve the wider community in investing in these projects, and brings them in as partner stakeholders in seeing them succeed.

In addition to direct financial support to refugee entrepreneurs, we will provide an online forum for publishing articles, best practices and thought leadership on issues of social business, micro-lending, immigration and integration policy.